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So, you got here. It's good to see you.

Who am I?

«Xennial» born and raised in northern Mexico. A bit nerdy, a bit geeky, and sometimes kind of cool.

I am Gil De Los Santos, I am 37 years old, and I am happily married to my wife. We’ve adopted 6 cats so far. Now we live in Mexico City; tomorrow is a mystery.

I have been remoting for the last 6 years, and I love it. This has allowed us to travel, see new places, try new flavors, and all that.

I really like to eat and cook, especially if it’s in my Weber grill. I’m a street food enthusiast; I’m very passionate about tacos, the flavors of our country’s different regions, and the world. I don’t consider myself a «foodie», but I have an Instagram account where I post photos of food, better known as @amigordo.

Well, I’ve been in this «internet» thing for quite a long time now, and look, I’ve seen everything. In 1999, I had my own computer, but I had already learned Logo and Basic languages since 1996 when I was in elementary school.

I downloaded entire albums from Napster, stayed up late chatting on the IRC, learned to design and build websites using Macromedia Fireworks, Flash, and Dreamweaver. And every time my mom picked up the phone, the internet got disconnected. I witnessed the birth of Wikipedia, Twitter, Facebook.

Anyways, I’ve been here for a long time, and I almost saw how it all started.


Hey @amigordo!

Food makes me feel crazy things. I love it.

Amigordo is my playground, my test kitchen. Here’s where I basically test everything before putting it into practice: campaign settings, audiences, new types of campaigns, objectives, and so on.

We are a team of 3, and we advertise Amigordo on Instagram and sometimes on Facebook. We have a WordPress Blog with food reviews, and we have personalized emails, official branding, etc.

This has brought us some good collaborations with Cerveza Modelo, Cerveza Victoria and Mantequilla Primavera.

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